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How to Choose an Epoxy Resin to Use for Your Project

Jul 23

There are numerous aspects to consider when selecting the epoxy resin that you want to use for your project. Start by deciding the requirements of your project. One can pick one because of its design. If you're environmentally conscious and want to be environmentally friendly, then pick a product that is eco-friendly. If you want a glass-like finish, choose an epoxy resin with a glass-like appearance. There are a variety of options readily available to pick from, too. You can choose a textured epoxy. Another option is transparent epoxy.

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EcoPoxy GelCoat

The EcoPoxy GelCoat resin is a green epoxy coating. It's odorless, non-toxic, and completely solid. In contrast to conventional coatings, EcoPoxy isn't water or solvent-based. Its non-solvent, nonhygroscopic, and non-conductive properties are ideal for outdoor applications. The EcoPoxy GelCoat resin is also applied to wood for an exterior waterproofing finish.

The premium gel coat resin is applied with an amount of 16-20 mils, delivering lasting protection and premium cosmetics. It is tough and resists blistering water. It is green and is therefore more expensive than conventional epoxy coatings. It is available only in very limited quantities. It's an excellent choice for automotive and boat applications.

EcoPoxy GelCoat resin's ease of use is a further advantage. It's a two-part product which cures into clear solid within 3 days. It can be applied using brushes, rollers, or sprayer. Use brushes with nap that is solvent-resistant as foam rollers can cause bubbles. EcoPoxy GelCoat is different from traditional epoxy materials. It is not shrinking after cure.


EcoPoxy FlowCast ecopoxi resin pours like liquid glass. Pouring glass-like is simple to accomplish with the FlowCast Ecopoxy resin. Its consistency is similar to that of liquid glass. It can be used in numerous applications, such as concrete and the masonry industry. Here are a few things you need you should know about this resin. Let's look at the main advantages.

FlowCast Ecopoxi is a flexible and high-performance epoxy resin that is able to cure to give a clear, glassy finish. It is highly scratch-resistant and offers excellent air release properties. It is perfect for encapsulating items because it does not have any exothermic heat accumulation. FlowCast has a 2:1 ratio of resin to hardener, which makes it easy to create high-quality castings with little or no sanding.

FlowCast is made up of two epoxy components that cures clear. It is ideal for casting projects using live edgewood. FlowCast is compatible with various substrates, and it is water-clear. It has improved UV stability and low viscosity. It can be tinted with EcoPoxy Metallic Color Pigments as well as liquid colorants. It can be stained, painted or varnished. It is compatible with many finishing techniques.


SnowWhite ecopoxy resin is distinguished by its distinct advantage of being the whitest-casting epoxy on the market. Contrary to other casting epoxies that result in a milky white finish, SnowWhite's pigments are integrated into the formula for an opaque white surface. SnowWhite also dries to a 100 % solid, self-leveling finish and it cures fast. It is also non-toxic and odorless.

SnowWhite is easy to mix and does not leave behind a strong odor. It's ideal for any project that requires an clear white surface. SnowWhite can be utilized with woodworking tools such as routers and drills. SnowWhite will not slip or crack for years, making it an excellent choice to use for woodworking projects. It is crucial to keep in mind that SnowWhite has no "pot life" like other resins do.

SnowWhite epoxy resin is mixed with a clear or white base for best results. This will create a smooth surface. Snow White is brighter and more durable than Pure White powder, making it an ideal option to make epoxy resin. This resin is sold in weights so it can be mixed with other resins for the best results. It is non-metallic and has a light touch of blue. It's easy to use: You could mix seven components of SnowWhite epoxy resin to make one 1 quart of resin.


UVPoxy ecopoxy resin is a great option for high-build clear coatings. The non-toxic, safe formulation provides a clear finish that resists yellowing and fading. The non-toxic, UV-stable composition makes it an excellent option for projects that require transparency. UVPoxy has many advantages which make it suitable for various applications, such as coatings for interior and exterior surfaces.

UVPoxy ecopoxy resin offers high-gloss and has self-leveling properties. It's also scratch and water-resistant. UVPoxy is scratch and moisture-resistant and provides outstanding color stability. Its transparent, water and scratch-resistant surface eliminates fish eye as well as craters and crawling. UVPoxy is, unlike other ecopoxy resins, is maintenance-free and does not require any additional maintenance.

UVPoxy is a top-quality epoxy system. It is non-toxic and virtually non-odorless, produces crystal-clear results, and is nearly odor-free. Its anti-yellowing properties make it a great choice for a range of uses, such as resin painting and woodworking. UVPoxy is safe and can withstand fading, cracking and yellowing. It's also tough enough to be utilized in commercial settings. UVPoxy can be made up to 1/4" in thickness for the greatest durability.


Developed to address the needs of a wide range of applications within the composite industry, EcoTrowel is an epoxy filler with high performance and a surface repair product. Its consistency is similar to peanut butter which makes it simple to mold and spread. It also leaves a smooth cosmetic finish. It can be used on wood or concrete, and will not shrink after it's cured. It's also heat-resistant, and will not fade or crack under normal conditions.

The effects of changing color in EcoPoxy can be achieved with the help of colored pigments. The EcoPoxy pigments for color are specifically designed for EcoPoxy resins. These pigments are extremely concentrated and can be added to hardeners or resins directly. The pigments are available in jars of 15g or 60mL bottles that can be used to color Epoxies. They also come in a range of colors.

Clear finishes are ideal when you are using EcoPoxy Resin. Clear EcoPoxy Resin is curing with Clear Hardener to give a long-lasting, hard finish. Clear resin is able to be polished to a very high shine and has excellent mechanical properties and wetting characteristics. This resin can also be used for laminating. It is easy to mix and can be utilized in projects that require wood grain, inlaid graphics, or reinforcements.


EcoPoxy FlowCast is a unique epoxy resin, pours like liquid glasses. It is ideal to pour concrete. EcoPoxy FlowCast can be combined with water to make an ideal edging. It can also be poured with as little as one-half gallons. Here's how:

EcoPoxy epoxies are compatible with plastic, metal, and wooden tools. The advanced tint properties of EcoPoxy make it easier to mix with a wide range of dyes. They are also able to mix with each other. After mixing, EcoPoxy epoxies are durable and resistant to wear. An EcoPoxy expert can assist you to choose which one to make use of. You are able to ask any questions you may have and also receive a samples of EcoPoxy products free of charge.

EcoPoxy (r), a high-performance clear, two-component epoxy resin with outstanding dimensional stability is available in a range of colors. It is a great material to embed artwork or objects. It's resistant to UV-induced yellowing. UVPoxy cures to a water-clear high-gloss finish and is formulated for moderate system Reactivity. EcoPoxy epoxies are tailored to meet the needs of particular projects and needs.


GloPoxy ecopoxy resin is a great option for laminating. The resin is able to combine excellent wetting and curing characteristics with superior mechanical properties to create durable, high-gloss coatings. As with the other GloPoxy products, you need to prepare the surface prior to application. Once you've prepared it mix the product in a the aid of a dry, clean container for 2.5 minutes. Then, apply the coating to the surface.

GloPoxy ecopoxy has a unique glow-in-the-dark function that permits it to shine for hours, even when the lighting is off. It is made from the finest photo luminescent components and is specifically designed to guarantee maximum brightness and extended duration of glow. The color balance ensures that GloPoxy does not change hue when exposed to different light sources. GloPoxy's excellent UV stability and water and chemical resistance make it an eco-friendly alternative for use in safety.

EcoPoxy epoxy resin is made with a high bio content. It is a bio-based resin that emits less carbon dioxide. It bonds to a range of different materials and doesn't cause bubbles to form after curing. Unlike traditional epoxy resins, EcoPoxy doesn't release vapors or emit greenhouse gases. EcoPoxy lets you reuse old wood and create new pieces. And the greatest part is that you don't have to fret about spending time or money on materials which have been used up by other people.